Thursday, 30 June 2011

Southern Upland Partnership

Some 15 years ago, somewhere out and about in the upper Clyde valley, I came across a simple A4 typewritten sheet flyer announcing the formation of The Southern Uplands Partnership, a new membership organisation 'to keep people living and working in the southern uplands of Scotland'. I joined, and at the SUP AGM held yesterday at the Buccleuch Arms hotel, I was co-opted onto the board. This pleases me greatly, because all my life I have enjoyed building bridges, for practical purposes, and that is what the SUP aims to do from coast to coast, making life better for the people and places we live in. Vyvyan Wood-Gee, local champion of horse trails, is also a new member of the SUP board, and we hope - for example - to find a way to enable people to use the many miles of new road being built for the wind farms in our region.

My copy of The Coming of the King - The First Book of Merlin by one of our session leaders at Moffat Book Event Oct 15/16 2011, Nikolai Tolstoy, arrived this morning. It is a long book - 850 pages -, setting the legend of Arthur in the ancient British kingdoms of Strathclyde and Reged, based on much scholarly research and exploration on the ground.

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