Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Things to do on a wet day

Rain-soaked atrium with scientific rain measurer (red plastic beaker)
It is a wet day in North Berwick, and it occurs to me that one of the best arguments for learning to read is when you find yourself in circumstances where there isn't very much else to do. Mind you, we have a long sloping corridor in our holiday house, ideal for indoor games such as badminton or tennis with a soft ball, or catch. We used to play sardines, the game where one person goes to hide and the first person to find them hides with them and so on until the last player discovers everyone packed - for instance - inside a wardrobe. This dates me, because a modern wardrobe would probably fall to bits or topple over if anyone got inside, let alone six or seven people. Then there are paper and pencil games such as 'hangman', where it is a race between finding the letters to fill in a series of dashes that make up a word and completing  a figure - hat, head, body, arms and so on dangling on the end of a rope. or 'consequences' where you pass pieces of paper round, folding them down between each round with
  'so and so met so and so' 'he said to her' 'she said to him' and 'the consequence was' and 'the world said...'. And 'I Spy'. Do other cultures have versions of these games, I wonder? Before falling back on watching the recording of 'Despicable Me' for the tenth time.

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