Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Beach volleyball

Germany v Netherlands

Spot Nelson!

Domes and pinnacles looking southwest
The beach volleyball was superb entertainment:  Mexican waves, teams of glamorous dancers of both sexes in retro beachwear between every set, blasts from that south American instrument (zarzuela?), funny messages on the screens, spectators processing up and down with hot dogs and beer, the Dutch supporters in funny blinding orange outfits, Brits draped in the Union Jack. We lost to Italy but never mind. This is a great venue, and manned (as are the others) by unbelievable numbers of friendly, helpful volunteers as well as the smiling young soldiers who call you 'Ma'am' and stand to attention when answering unmilitary questions like where the nearest number 11 bus stop can be found. Clean, convenient, packed with every sort of food and drink supplied by small independent outlets and nary a MacDonald's in sight. Because it rained intermittently to begin with (later it cleared and was a lovely evening) we popped out and bought ponchos price £3 which will last and were even 'breathable'. Heaven.

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