Saturday, 22 December 2012


The three pairs of slippers system
The role of the slipper in Christmas is not sufficiently celebrated. Think of Cinderella, whose dropped slipper of squirrel (vair) was notoriously mistranslated - or misheard in oral transmission -  in the original French, as of glass (verre). I have given and received slippers at Christmas, including this Christmas. Three pairs of slippers are required for my domestic system. I have at any one time a pair of cotton towelling slippers; a pair of fleece slippers and a pair of whole foot slippers (illustrated). The way the system works is: I wear one pair into the bathroom. When I get out of the bath, I put on either the fleece or the towelling slippers, which are both waterproof. One of this pair is now wet, so I put on whichever is the remaining pair to slope off in to get my breakfast. The pair I wore into the bathroom and the wet pair are now airing/drying to be used the next day.

A Christmas reader competition: the first reader to find a Moffat Book Events blog with no reference to, or connection with, books wins a copy of my Sitka spruce booklet and a £25 book token. Winner will be announced on Jan 7 2013. Editor's decision is final. Good reading!

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