Friday, 3 January 2014

The mystery of porridge

wall paper paste?
In this momentous year for Scotland and the Scots, I am making an urgent appeal. The substance of my quest is: when and why did Scottish porridge become like wallpaper paste both in looks and taste? Porridge in my infancy and youth was an unctuous substance akin to junket; it congealed to a rubbery consistency, pale blue at the edges. Why oh why is porridge so different today? Mine looks like the illustration above, but it is wrong. Porridge should be smooth as a millpond, not rucked up. And made with water and plenty of salt, of course. Solutions invited. By the way, I use value porridge oats  from the Co-op but I see no reason why such a simple classic ingredient as milled oats should be to blame for the wrong result. It must be the preparation. And, yes, I do soak the oats overnight.

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