Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Where were we?

Ivan Turgenev,  literary master 1818-1883

Where we we? I was carted off to hospital with pneumonia over Christmas and New Year, but now I’m better.

Bullet point news:

  • We live in hopes of discussing Turgenev with our Russian partners in October.
  • The poinsettia that Masha Bond gave me last November is still alive with red bracts - this is surely a record.
  • I am reading the Maisky diaries and Vladimir Sharov’s The Rehearsals translated by Oliver Ready next after ‘The Triumph of Christianity’ by Bart Ehrman
  • I have nearly finished translating the collected correspondence 1974-1988 between the Russian icon painter Julia Reitlinger (1898-1988) and her spiritual father Alexander Men’ (1935-1988), whom I met five months before he was murdered. I have 30pp to go. My generous guest editor Dr Jonathan Sutton is coming up soon so that we can look at difficult bits together.
  • Sarah Hughes of the Courtauld Institute has been helping with the art history side of things.

As of the time of writing, the sun is out.

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