Monday, 7 February 2011

Well read!

A mug arrived from The Writer's Almanac online poetry service. Harry (aged 5) was able to read the inscription: Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. Then he and I made a robot, using a big cardboard box which had had a room heater in it for the body, a green balloon for the head (this was probably an alien robot), two cardboard tubes from inside rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for legs and empty tissue boxes for feet. We stuffed bubble wrap into the tissue boxes to keep the legs in place and then taped them with sellotape. The arms were another inner cardboard tube pushed through the body through holes made with the kitchen scissors. We then put gloves on the ends of this tube and propped the robot up inside the glass front door to scare away visitors. Harry then decided to paint the robot so we took him into the kitchen, and after a couple of false starts (pink for a robot? I don't think so) the robot's legs and body are now black with silver glitter spray on top. There are 48 names now in the Moffat Book Events website 'members welcome' box - thanks guys! To fill the box we need about 25 more, so the drive for names continues.

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