Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dog lost and found

Flo, the 12 year old family Cairn terrier went missing on the hill yesterday. At 11.30am she had been sitting quietly in the yard ignoring the hens, then - there she was, gone. My son in law looked high and low for a couple of hours before calling for reinforcements. Flo has recently had treatment for a dislocated back leg, struggles with stairs and gets puffed crossing the road into the park. She couldn't have gone far.....could she? At seven pm a relieved telephone call: she had run a mile along forest roads to inspect the source of digger noises where work started yesterday on our water supply. Meanwhile, a visit I had organised for today, Tues May 10, for the architect of the Eden project to visit Crawford and the Upper Clyde valley was cancelled when our local archaeologist mistook the date (he had thought May 10 was yesterday). This may be a blessing in disguise. because whereas yesterday was definitely 'sunshine and showers', today, as I write, is 'showers' not to say downright wet. My focus today is to consider with creative writing tutor Eryl Shields the role that might be played by writers, as opposed to readers, at our book events, a meeting postponed from yesterday. As far as the map of the May 5 voting pattern goes, I now wonder if we may be looking at the boundary of the ancient British kingdom of Strathclyde.

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