Thursday, 26 May 2011

A tree at risk; another spa

Yesterday (Wednesday May 25)thanks to prompt responses from Marilyn and Moffat Online, I walked across the playing field with Bob Opray of Moffat's Flood Watch Group to inspect the oak tree on the south bank of the Birnock Water whose roots have been exposed by erosion when the storm water rushed down the burn on Monday and Tuesday. Whose responsibility might it be to make sure the damage is contained and repaired so that this tree does not fall across the burn? SEPA perhaps. As we crossed the road, Bob pointed out a drain blocked by leaves and twigs blown off the birch trees during the storm. I have lost my way with Candia McWilliam's What To Look For in Winter. It is too painful, inexplicable, sad; it made me feel dizzy and reach for something simple, like a railway timetable or a cookbook. Off with Elly today to Dunblane Hydro - another spa town. We have a meeting with Morrisons and Sodexco to talk about distribution of our Zacharry's spruce beer.

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