Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Challenge to my Readers

For once, I appeal to my readers for ideas, however whacky,for uses of two perfectly sound buildings set in an incomparable landscape in the southern uplands of Scotand but now so near to wind turbines that you can hear them turning. The noise is like a heavy truck rumbling up the road. Right outside. The noise is such that no one in their right mind would go there and pay good money to rehearse a string quartet, lie on a rubber mat doing yoga, try to read a book or sit on the (newly extended) deck gazing at the landscape. Unless they were deaf already. Those of you of a critical turn of mind may be muttering: what did she expect? They're turbines, for God's sake. Well, I really didn't think it would be so loud. I had stood under turbines (smaller, admittedly) in Ardrossan as preparation - in fact, I was taken by the developers before signing the contract to experience for myself what the effect of the turning blades was. Maybe I fooled myself into thinking that the prevailing wind would carry any sound away (the house and barn face southwest, where the wind usually comes from, and the turbines are behind the house). Anyway, I was wrong and the naysayers were right. It's really, really noisy. So: suggestions please.

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