Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bird Cloud

I have embarked on Bird Cloud. When the book first appeared earlier this year, I was immediately interested because it is about a woman building a house in a remote wilderness, which is what I did at Crookedstane. The woman who built a house at Bird Cloud is the novelist Annie Proulx, author of nine books including The Shipping News, an unforgettable tale set in Newfoundland. I am interested in building houses - I have also just received the DVD of series 8 of the Channel 4 TV series Grand Designs, which starts its ninth series on Wed (Sept 14)at 9pm. The first few pages of Bird Cloud reveal details of the author's early life, relevant to her desire aged 70 in 2005, to build the sort of house she did, where she did. I will keep you posted. This is a book event site, so it is appropriate to record that today is the birthday of D H Lawrence, who believed in flesh and blood. It is also of course the 10th anniversary of the Al Quaeda attack on the twin World Trade Centre towers in Manhattan.

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