Saturday, 21 January 2012

My orchid

Well, I cannot deny that I am inordinately proud of the small bell-shaped purple-pink flower (pictured below left) I have coaxed out of this tiny pot plant someone left in my flat at Christmas time in 2009. It was in full flower; gradually all the flowers died and fell off, but the leaves remained green. I brought it to Milburn House where it lives on my kitchen windowsill upstairs and - voila - it has flowered again. Benign neglect is the key, not watering, not repotting ( see my blog Wild Excitement Dec 5 2011, when the sleeping beauty awoke and put out a tiny shoot). The picture seen in the background(and above right) is a brilliant collage that my sister Jennifer Gough-Cooper, a guest at our forthcoming Moffat Book Event Beyond the Garden Gate, made with all the sweet papers, bus tickets and theatre tickets from a visit we made together to Moscow in 2001. Between the picture and the pot plant is a bright raspberry- coloured dish with a handpainted floral panel from Gardner's, the pre-revolutionary imperial porcelain factory near Moscow.

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