Monday, 27 February 2012

Interviewing Martin Amis

Katya reminded me during her visit of the magazine Herald of Europe - I see that the editor of the English edition, Mikhail Borshchevsky interviewed the Archbishop of Canterbury for the current edition. I interviewed Martin Amis for the first ever issue of the magazine - see Mikhail will be coming to our MBE conference in Moffat in September.

Turning to more immediate matters: I am going to spend this week finding bric a brac for our Sat March 17 Moffat Book Events coffee morning at Moffat Town Hall, which triumphantly was granted the £300k necessary match funding to undertake essential repairs last Tuesday Feb 21 (well done!) .

I am also looking forward to completing the shelving, in eccentric subject order, of my books onto my superb new bookshelves (thanks to Sean at George Hunter's workshop).

More leaflets inviting people to open their gardens for our Open Gardens event in Moffat on Sunday May 27 also need to be delivered, a nice job in the open air now that the weather is getting warmer. Spring is well and truly sprung down south, where my sister in Kent reports being able to sit out in short sleeves and even shorts recently.

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