Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Our Russian Visitor

Moffat Book Events welcomed Dr Ekaterina Genieva. Director of the State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow to Moffat yesterday for a week of meetings and visits. Her programme so far includes:
  • Monday Feb 20 - arrival at The Annandale Arms hotel; meeting to finalise programme with Dr Ann Shukman and Mrs Marilyn Elliott of MBE; meeting with Mr & Mrs T Gibbons re Men conference and possible tour by Mrs Gibbons to make radio programme on standup comedy in Russia.
  • Tues Feb 21: lunch with Carolyn Yates, D& G literature development officer; meeting of MBE committee; visit to Elshieshields, Lochmaben, home of the late Sir Steven Runciman historian of the Orthodox Church and Byzantium courtesy of present owner Dr Ann Shukman.
  • Wed Feb 22: lunch with Jenny Carr of the Scotland-Russia Forum and Sarah Mathieson of Vantage Events; meeting at the MDCI office of the organising committee of the Alexander Men Conference to be held at St Andrews church Moffat 14-17 Sept 2012; tea with Jill Hollis of Moffat-based publishers Cameron and Hollis; visit to St Andrews church (to be confirmed)
  • Thurs Feb 23: 09.30 visit to Moffat Academy; arrival of Susan Richards organiser of Book Aid to Russia and author of books on Russia; pm meeting with Katherine Clemmens of Moffat Book Exchange
  • Fri Feb 24: 10.30 visit to Moffat Book Exchange; 14.30 departure of Susan Richards; further meetings to be arranged
  • Members of MBE and any others interested in meeting Dr Genieva during her visit to Moffat please contact Mrs Marilyn Elliott at info@moffatbookevents.co.uk or on 07885444120

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