Monday, 22 April 2013

My Table - my life

My table - my life

A snapshot of my life on a table in my sitting room: bottom right - my trusty Kindle sitting on top of Chris Brookmyre's Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks, a trophy from last weekend's (Sat April 20 & Sunday April 21st) MBE event Murder in Moffat. MiM was wonderfully well organised and compered by a team led by Katherine Clemmens of Moffat Books, Alan Thomson of MBE and Michael Malone, crime fiction author and bookseller. The'A' list of authors, both new and established, consisted of Chris Brookmyre (who we hope to book for our international conference on translation in Moffat Sept 20-22); Lin Anderson, inventor of the redoubtable Dr Rhona MacLeod and progenitor of 'Bloody Scotland' ; Aline Templeton and Alex Gray; newcomers Mark Douglas Home and Matt Bendoris PLUS Douglas Skelton talking about the Buck Ruxton murders and a guided tour of the sites associated with the famous case, led by Emilio (Jock) Dicerbo, Moffat resident and historian.

Above the book is the programme for a couple of days tree-gazing in Perthshire with the RSFS. To the left of the programme is a box lid containing a plastic saw, property of my youngest grandson Olly (and potentially I suppose a murder weapon). Under the saw is a flyer for an exhibition of Far Eastern art. Next to the saw is Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair that MBE will be giving away tomorrow evening Tuesday April 23rd on World Book Night. Left and slightly under The Eyre Affair is a page torn out of a clothes catalogue. It will sit there for a few days while I decide if the rather bright orange print dress is suitable for a series of summer events including a book launch at 21 Well Road, The Moffat Gallery on Saturday June 1st or Richard Demarco's 'Meet the Artist' on Saturday June 15th. Other objects, if you wish to play Kim's Game include a wriggly green plastic creature. a blue biro, a half eaten oatcake , a pack of red dental flossers teepees, cup of Rooibos tea (cold) and a small screwtop bottle that contained the single dose of Ciproxin Alan Thomson and I were both prescribed after our MBE chairman was (wrongly) diagnosed with bacterial meningitis last Wednesday in London.

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