Monday, 24 January 2011

Books and plays I have written

Books I have written:
Focus on the USSR (updated and re-issued after 1991 as Focus on Russia);

Glasnost: The Gorbachev Revolution; Georgia & Armenia; Belarus; Ukraine.

Strong Enough For Two (a self help book for women having to take the strain in a relationship);

Diary of a Young Capitalist (in Russian) and The NATO letters (in Russian);

The Xenophobes Guide to the Russians and

Christianity for the Twentyfirst Century - the life and work of Alexander Men, with Ann Shukman (Available as a download on Kindle. UK edition out of print; US edition available from me - just let me know)

Translations include 'Armenian Tragedy' and 'The Soviet Mafia' (with John Roberts).
Wallace's Women (with Margaret McSeveny)
Murder in the Cathedral - A Russian Rehearsal (with Mark Rozovsky)

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