Saturday, 29 January 2011

Trouble at t'Maltings

After a viewing of the excellent Patience(After Sebald), in the new Britten Studio at the Aldeburgh Maltings last night, more book- event microphone-wrestling by platform party : maker of the film Grant Gree and author of Wild Places Robert Macfarlane. Once the microphones were sorted out to the satisfaction of the sell-out audience (by fixing them to the correct lapel to pick up the sound in the direction their heads were turned, ie towards each other, rather than - as was originally arranged - on the other side) the discussion that ensued was interrupted by a colossal bang like an explosion in a metal dustbin, followed at intervals by more alarming pings, squeaks and other percussive noises. As we left, I asked one of the organisers about this. 'It's a new building' he said. 'It's OK - the architect's in the audience.' I told him this seemed precious little by way of reassurance. I told him that the explanation - that these noises were caused by the extreme cold (well, probably -3) outside and the temperature generated by the capacity audience within - did not cut it for me. I do not wish to become a freak statistic on the front of the Sunday papers tomorrow. And, as my sister pointed out - what if it had been a concert?

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