Monday, 24 January 2011

how to start a book event

It's Day One of my Moffat Book Event blog! So here goes:

I have never been part of a group started to run a book event before. Luckily, I a) love books b) have good friends and neighbours who enjoy books and book events c) live in a place very conducive to such festivities but lacking - until Moffat Book Events came along - a book event.

My business day to day is growing trees. The trees I grow make the finest paper in the world. Chances are if you are reading The Guardian or a glossy magazine, my kind of tree, that is Sitka spruce, went to make the paper. Aha I hear you cry, so that's the connection with books. Correct!

But growing trees is a slow business. Spruce trees grown for paper are probably in their 40's when they get cut down. Older spruces, I'm talking about hundreds of years old, go to make guitars and pianos - by which time they are called 'music wood'.

So, I am sponsoring the Moffat Book Event partly because I am an avid reader and partly because I grow trees. Simples!

But back to the Moffat Book Event.


  1. Aren't you also an author too?

  2. Oh yes, I forgot - I am an author. I have about a dozen fiction and non-fiction books to my name, either by me alone, or (in the case of translations) with my former husband or in the case of 'Christianity for the Twentyfirst Century - the `Life and Work of Alexander Men' as co-editor with an old friend the Rev Ann Shukman. More about being an author in due course..