Sunday, 2 October 2011

Colour for health

Moira Cox of House of Colour will be sharing some of the secrets of how to make the most of yourself at Moffat Book Events, Moffat House hotel at 2.30pm in the afternoon of Sat Oct 15. Appearance is not a superficial matter, contradictory though that may sound. Dressing to impress - in a good way - is part of the successful person's armoury. At a crucial stage in her own successful and varied career, Moira took advice from a House of Colour specialist, so when, some years later, she was looking for a business to set up in Moffat, she decided to go in herself for helping people in a structured way to choose the colours, styles and accessories best suited to them. 'Wellbeing is what it is all about' says Moira 'and if you wish to be taken seriously, you must take yourself seriously - that means looking long and hard at what image you present to the world.' According to the House of Colour philosophy, people can be divided into seasons representing the spectrum of colours that suit their skin tones best: summer, autumn, winter or spring. If you buy into the simple proposition that expert help can get results, then a personal session with Moira of one hour costing £99 will help you discover which season you belong to, and then you can have your body type analysed and your style accordingly into classic, ingenue, and so on.

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