Friday, 14 October 2011

Jeans or.... palazzo pants

In preparation for tomorrow 's Jeans or Genes Moffat Book Event 9.30am-6pm at Moffat House hotel, I had made an appointment a little while ago to spend a whole day with Moira Cox, our inhouse adviser on 'Presentation of Self'. (At my own expense, I hasten to add, having just heard Liam Fox's letter of resignation read out on the radio). I therefore presented myself at the door of Moira's working premises, a very attractive wooden home office set in her pretty garden with its ever-running stream and riverside planting set steeply into the hillside along Annan Water. On arrival I was plied with coffee and set various tasks of self examination and measured from top to toe. The result was a highly enjoyable, puzzling conundrum. It seems that in the codex of House of Colour, I am neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring. At first sight, to the expert, I would appear to be a 'Natural Classic', and soft autumn colours do suit me. But the longer we went on, the less likely that type seemed to fit. By the end of the day it was agreed to put what type I am in the pending tray. It is salutary to be reminded that looking good and being appropriately dressed for the occasion is a courtesy to others. I regret now that when my husband retired, I vowed never to get dressed up again, ever, for any reason. Of course, I did put my best foot forward for my daughter's second wedding in Moffat (at Moffat House as it happens) last September. But on the whole, after an exhausting working life 'on
parade', married to a senior diplomat, meetings in the Kremlin, part of an ex-Prime Minister's entourage laying a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Red Square, receptions, cocktails at the Embassy, first nights - yes, you can get totally fed up with the whole business, aching feet in high heels, force-fed with endless banquets, polite conversation, trying not to drink too much or too little. Onyhoo. I am admonished and will try to do better again, in looser fitting clothes and lower heels, occasionally in startling hues of mustard and geranium. See you tomorrow I hope.

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