Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wet, wet, wet

Wow! was yesterday wet or what? We went up to the forest, where the trees were enjoying the warm rain. We have let the house up there, which I built and occupied for 15 years until Dec 2009, when work began on the windfarm and I was evacuated to Moffat. I'm glad it will be occupied through the winter. Friends on the east coast of America have been posting comments about a snow storm over there, unheard of event as early as the end of October apparently. I saw an ad yesterday in one of the weekend newspapers for a tapestry series illustrating the creation. I stared and stared at the illustrations, pondering purchase of one, and concluded that two were (unintentionally) identical. I guess someone - not the Almighty - will get ticked off about that on Monday. I received two invoices through the post from Bank of Scotland for 0.50p and 0.15p, for charges incurred on an account I have closed. The one for 0.50p was shown as 'paid' but how to settle the one for 0.15p? I guess I'll go into the branch in Moffat in the morning. I wonder how much it cost them to send those notices out? It has taken me ages this morning to change the time on my bedside alarm clock radio back. I fear that I have set the alarm in the process. One year, but it must have been in the springtime when the clocks go forward, I set off to go to church from my childhood home in Kent. I was probably 14 or 15. I walked all the way down Farningham Hill into the village feeling unusually sanctimonious only to arrive at the church and find it closed - I was an hour early.

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