Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I was honoured by visits from guisers yesterday evening. Three or four groups called for 'trick or treat'. I learned a (possibly homemade by the youthful guiser in question) new joke: Q. What happens if you cross an elephant with a camel? A. Enormous holes (presumably caused by elephant sized footprints?)in the desert. When the teller of the 'joke' had posed the question, Zac aged 4 murmured 'Horton', an elephant who features in one of his favourite DVD's. Zac is developing many survival skills, not least the art of throwing the effective tantrum. He did this when I produced a pack of bite-sized treats made from ricicles and a variety of coloured sugar icing toppings (courtesy McGarry's in the High St). Zac wanted them all. Luckily a senior wizard (Zac's father) was on hand to take custody of the treats, and to guarantee that they would be fairly shared out when everyone got home. Another guiser offered a rap in exchange for his treat, which I thought most imaginative. Well done, Moffat. Tomorrow we, Moffat Book Events, meet to review our autumn event and look forward to our spring one, to be themed on gardens, gardening, plant hunting and landart. I am hoping we can also organise a small delegation of Chinese publishers, to share with them how we run a small community book event. We have also been invited to participate in a new Moffat event, a sheep race, on August 12 next year. Maybe we should run 'a book' on the winner and runner up?

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