Monday, 21 November 2011

Play's The Thing

I am going to a workshop Play's The Thing in trendy East London tomorrow. I expect to be challenged (and challenge), but that's good from time to time. Yesterday I went to the 70th birthday party of an old friend in Wimbledon, where Anna 'the tulip lady' Pavord, who I have known since 1974, was also a guest. After she and husband Trevor moved to Dorset, we used to meet at Dorchester train station on Friday evenings waiting for our daughters/husbands - on one memorable occasion when Brian Johnson was broadcasting live (or rather failing to broadcast, because he and Jonathan Agnew both became helpless with laughter) his now famous 'leg-over' commentary. She made positive noises about coming up to join in our Moffat Book Events symposium next May 26 & 27 What Are Gardens For? Trevor grows blueberries commercially and thinks that we might be able to do so under our turbines, because blueberries like acid soil and a good hard frost.

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