Sunday, 13 November 2011

More titles

I read through my year's-worth of blog entries this afternoon and several new ideas for titles have occurred:
Diary of a Book Festival Organiser
What I Was Doing, and Where I was Going (with acknowledgements to Damian Searls)
Brigadoon, Books and Budget Recipes
An Enemy of The People
Out of the Frying Pan
How To Be A Book Festival Organiser
An A-Z of Books and The People In Them
A Journey Round My Room
From Our Moffat Books Correspondent
Small Earthquake; Nobody Injured
Down Your Way
Down My Way
My Way
Happenstance and Makeshiftery
Postcard from The Hedge (acknowledgements to A Roberts)
Going Forward; Looking Back
A Right Turnup for The Books
Getting On With It
Keep Calm And Carry On Reading

1 comment:

  1. I like two of those - "From our Moffat Books Correspondent" and "Brigadoon, Books and Budget Recipes" ... the former I probably like best of this grouping.