Saturday, 10 March 2012

After lunch

This year's Women of Dumfries and Galloway lunch at Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries yesterday prompted many thoughts. The object of the lunch - raising money for educational purposes - was achieved. So many applied for tickets that the number turned away almost equalled the number of us who sat down. Is it unfair to comment that Sarah Mackie, a young farmer-turned-director of Tesco's 'Scottish office' might have sourced a professional speechwriter to provide her with a lip-licking speech instead of what she delivered: her CV? Anne Widdecombe was on her fifth speaking engagement of the week, and what she delivered was a well-polished series of jokes. To her great credit, she insisted on a 'Q and A' with the audience, a first apparently for the Women of D&G (what??why ever had this not been a staple for years?). She also spent a great deal of lunch time circulating around the tables, a real pro in the best sense of the word.

Today started on a sad note, with news of the death of C, an old friend. He had burned the candle at both ends, so when his lifestyle finally caught up with him we, his family and friends, could not be surprised, but he will be missed for his kindness, his enjoyment of life and for helping us celebrate the moment despite the sadness that underlay his partying.

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