Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Joy of Leafletting

Tina called in to go leafletting with me yesterday afternoon, to invite people with gardens to open them for our 'Open Gardens' event on Sunday May 27. We walked up Well Road and took a left along a residential cul de sac, noticing a rivulet running through the development that must be channeled underground to join the Birnock Water then the River Annan to the sea. The pieris are flowering, also cowslips and chinodoxa. The honeysuckle is putting out its pale purple leaves and a pair of ducks, a drake and a duck, appear to be considering a nest opposite my bedroom window on the edge of the ditch of the old mill leat. Tina and I considered the merits of an exotic paper white birch compared with the grubbier native variety, also gravel versus wood chip mulch. We visited a very pretty courtyard garden facing east. Its owner was at home and told us when we gave her a leaflet that her garden gets so little sun that plants grow exceptionally tall to reach the light, little border plants achieving heights of 5ft, which then are broken by the wind. There are some wonderful hedges in Moffat, and there is a case to be made for a guided walk to admire the magnificent houses hidden in side roads, built in the golden late afternoon of Victorian and Edwardian Britain.

Tina kindly brought me a bag full of those lovely orange hedge lilies crocosmia which will flower in my new garden later this year. We took them round to the garden and I showed her the space for our new Moffat Gallery, which will open for its first exhibition during Beyond the Garden Gate.

There's an article about hoarding in The Independent. Am I a hoarder? I fear that I have hoarding tendencies, and hereby resolve to clear up some of my more pointless accumulations. In other words: spring clean.

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