Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Vernal Equinox

Today is officially the first day of spring: the vernal equinox. The axis of the earth is in alignment with the centre of the sun, the hours of day and night are more or less equal. From now until midsummer, the days will get longer. And so it goes. Appropriately, I had a red letter day yesterday. Note for anoraks: a 'red letter day' is so called because church calenders print saints and other feast days in red. I met David Borthwick at Crichton to discuss taking part in the exciting course he is launching in September, on Environment, Culture and Communication. The course will be operated as a hub with spokes linking in with two other environmentally-minded courses, aimed at more at technologists. The three distinct 'majors' will have linked modules, enabling participants to broaden their exploration of the field.

In the nick of time, before I sank beneath piles of unfiled documents, unshelved and unsorted books, I was helped to sort out my office systems and library yesterday by Marilyn Elliott and Bernie (Moffat Ramblers) McDougall. Many thanks both!

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