Friday, 16 March 2012

A movie mystery

I have asked if the Burns Film Centre in Dumfries can obtain for screening a short film called The Good Ship Citizen. It was produced by Elisabeth Murdoch to be shown at the cinema beside the Dome on New Millenium Eve.

The film starred Vic Reeves, Angus (Pirates of the Caribbean; Midsomer Murders) Barnett and my elder daughter Abi Roberts. When we (Abi's family and friends) arrived to see it on New Millenium Day Jan 1 2000 the poster next to the cinema was still advertising the film but when we got inside it was explained that the film had been 'pulled' at the last minute at the behest, it was said, of Peter Mandelson.

It has since, much to our disappointment, proved impossible to obtain a copy or even see the film.

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