Sunday, 11 March 2012


I am readingWatermelons by James Delingpole. Delingpole argues convincingly that apparently innocuous terms like 'sustainable' and 'renewables' conceal an authoritarian leftwing political agenda. If you think 'green', 'carbon footprint' and 'eco' are nice words, read this book.

Another book that I am also remembering this morning is Clochemerle, a 1934 French satirical novel by Gabriel Chevallier centering on the installation of a urinal in a village in rural France. The book was made into a series by the BBC in 1972 with a starry cast headed by Peter Ustinov. The reason for my remembering is that I am part of a small community group intent on improving the facilities in two villages along the Upper Clyde: Crawford and Abington. Time will tell whether we will experience the civic uproar caused in Clochemerle.

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