Friday, 1 April 2011

The Old Academy

To the Town Hall (formerly the Pump Room) yesterday evening for the consultation about the Old Academy. Moffat is a place people stop off at on their way somewhere else as well as come to stay in, whether for life or for holidays. One thing we do not have is an exhibition space. Perhaps we should become a tiny Tate along the lines of Tate St Ives? There is a Darwinian argument for creating spaces for many small businesses - the ones that flourish will gradually come to occupy more space as unsuccessful ones slip away. So: a centre for small start up businesses - to include manufacture, of course. The bicycle was, if not invented right here, developed not far away by a local D&G blacksmith (see Bella Bathhurst's latest The Bicycle Book). Invite a bigger business to relocate? Enterprise, excellence - reminds me of the very sad news of the death of Edward (son of Eddie) Stobart's death at the untimely age of 56. RIP.

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