Sunday, 3 April 2011

A School at The Old Academy?

In the end, I put on my 'What To Do with The Old Academy' consultation form not only the 'tiny Tate' idea - to use The Old Academy as a picture gallery - but possibly a better idea which draws more directly on Moffat tradition: a private school. No, not for privileged small boys wearing tailcoats and toppers but teaching some specialism such as English as a foreign language for Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and Central Asian children. Yes, they might also be from privileged backgrounds, but don't let's get too bogged down in the politics. Education is something we are good at and should be proud of. We are also good at aiming to run as fair a society as human frailty allows, seeking to make change by consensus rather than by burning down buildings. I think Moffat is a remarkable community - I can say that without boasting because after just six months residence, I still count as a mere observer. Today is Mothering Sunday: Happy Mother's Day to mine, 93 not out (or 'in the shade')! My elder daughter Abi is taking me out to lunch which I am looking forward to tremendously. We are going to a restaurant that I have known for nearly 40 years in various incarnations, now known (speaking of carnations) as Il Giardino because it abuts a garden centre. Bon appetit a tout le monde et a toutes les meres du monde!

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