Saturday, 9 April 2011

Moderation in all things

On Elif Batuman's website blog, I posted a comment - well, three: one rambling explanation of how I came to read, and love, her book The Possessed - about Russian books and the people who read them; a correction of a typo which made it look as thought I was a time traveller ('from 1983-200' when I meant '2000') and a third about who the subject was of a detail she used to illustrate 'cavaliers' and 'roundheads'. It just happens that the whole picture, (well a copy; the original is in the Nat. Gallery) by Van Dyke, of the sons of the Duke of Lennox, used to hang in the 'Gilt Room' at Cobham Hall where my daughters went to school. My (I would have thought innocuous) comments have been 'waiting to be moderated' for three days now. Why? wherefore? Surely a blog should - could - be a conversation as well as someone of accomplishment graciously acknowledging mis-spelled expressions of wonder of the 'Wot a wonderfull book you have wrote' variety.

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