Saturday, 16 April 2011

Perfect Day

It's a perfect day for the Moffat Book Event - pale bue sky with a few little white clouds, no wind. The leaves are just beginning to show green on the birch trees opposite my bedroom window. We the advance guard met last night as planned at the Moffat House hotel for a mixture of drinks - as it happens not a single glass of white wine among us. Appropriately for an event entitled Love and Marriage, a wedding was in full swing at the hotel throughout. We were: Jerri Chase (who will speak later on Being A Dessie) from Arkansas, and Laura of Anglophile Books from the Mojave desert came the furthest - welcome! - Sarah Watkins, looking stunning in her trademark bright red hairdo, not exactly a Mohican but a nod in that direction, checking round the table for dress hangers, rails and a ride for her tailor's dummy for the vintage clothes bazaar to go with Lynne McCrossan's talk... Eryl, sadly unable to be at the event today, came to say hi and promised to help us plan our next event in October, using her professional creative writing skills. Tina, newly volunteered, and my friend Joan all the way from Tunbridge Wells were the other two new faces, plus myself (chair), Marilyn our MBE Administrator who set up a tab with some of the cash from ticket sales (buoyant I am happy to say) and Andrea our Volunteer Organiser made up the merry table. I am beginning to use Miss Buncle-type words - see ? All set now for a glorious spring book lovers bonanza. A full report will follow.

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