Saturday, 9 April 2011

Synchronicity - again

Last week in London, I found myself queuing behind Joanna Trollope the novelist in Waterstone's. Today I turn on BBCR4 and lo! the guest on Saturday Live is the sainted Joanna, patron of Agas the world over. I didn't even - haven't even - heard the presenter confirm that it is her. I just know it is. (I will feel foolish if it turns out it was someone else palpably upper middle class with a dry sense of the ridiculous who is a world famous, best-selling writer). The presenter, a cleric whose name escapes me - how is it that these Revs turn up running quoted plc's and introducing programmes on the radio? Do they not have parishes to run? Clearly not. Anyway this Rev. introduced the heritage tracks of B. Zephaniah describing him as son of a Barbadian. No! People from Barbados are Bajans. Talking of which I see an email has popped into my inbox guessed it. A Bajan who I was at school with 50 years ago and have known ever since. A propos I found the 'memorable question' on the Olympic ticket website extremely difficult. It was 'your best friend'. I have many close and dear friends but: 'best friend'? School children in the playground have 'best friends' but don't we, as we get older, collect a bouquet of friends, each in his or her own way special? I cheated and gave my mother's maiden name which as it happens could be that of my 'best friend'.

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