Thursday, 7 April 2011


A free ticket will be awarded to our inaugural Moffat Book Event on Sat April 16 for the first correct answer received - on a piece of wedding cake please - to our exclusive Love and Marriage quiz:

Which of the following statements are true/untrue/ridiculous:

  • You really need two pairs of shoes for a wedding – whether you are a guest or the bride – one for the ceremony and the other for dancing
  • It is sometimes correct for the groom to wear trainers
  • Queen Victoria really did marry John Brown
  • Robert Louis Stevenson is behind the event
  • A commercial forestry company is sponsoring the event
  • Moffat was once the standby venue for Wimbledon
  • Moffat has the highest density of sweet shops,B&B’s, restaurants, cafes and hotels of any spa anywhere in Europe
  • William and Catherine are spending part of their honeymoon in Moffat
  • If you drink the water from the healing spring in Moffat when the moon is full you will never have trouble getting a signal to watch Sky Sport ever again

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